Opposing Forces; Amanda Knowles' and Emily Gherard's Collaborative Work

Soil Artist Run Space, Seattle WA


For two years, Emily Gherard and Amanda Knowles worked together on a series of works on paper.  In this series, their investigation has focused on structural, industrial imagery. The grid provides a uniting visual element that structures as well as accentuates the destruction, distortion, and sometimes chaos that emerged as Gherard’s and Knowles’ visions and working methods combined. In the studio, they each examined the rules that defined their individual studio practices, using the edge where they diverged as a place of interest, noting the difference between individual labor and that which happens in collaboration.

In addition to building up layers on the two-dimensional plane in drawing, painting, print, and collage, Gherard and Knowles built three-dimensional structures that interact with their works on paper. This progression off of the wall makes physical the visual layers of repeating architectural forms. The resulting explorations that began two-dimensionally and have pushed into the three-dimensional realm unite contrasting visual elements and capture the visual tension as they collide.